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Team Tuesday- Bryan

This week's Team Tuesday is highlighting Bryan Sechrist! Bryan is an architect in our St. Louis office and is experienced in all phases of project delivery from conceptual design through contract administration with a focus on programming, master planning, design, consultant coordination and sustainability. Learn more about Bryan, below!

Something interesting about yourself/a hobby?

I am a passionate cyclist: road, gravel and mountain biking. Lately I’ve become quite interested in bike packing which connects cycling to my love of the outdoors and nature.

What is your favorite aspect of a project?

Working in a multi-disciplinary team with the owner/end users. It is very satisfying to connect the myriad of individual project requirements into a cohesive whole that meets/exceeds the owner’s vision for the project.

Biggest career accomplishment thus far?

Hard to pin down one. What I enjoy most is the journey. Every project is unique and an opportunity to learn about and explore something new. When you connect the owner’s requirements into a solution that also enhances the broader community, you’ve succeeded as an architect.

Why did you choose your career path?

Like a Harry Potter Sorting Hat, it chose me. Growing up I enjoyed imagining places, taking things apart and putting them back together, drawing, Legos and digging in the backyard making cities.

What designer do you draw inspiration from?

Charles and Ray Eames for their practical (but not boring) approach to design, their ability to see and interpret places and find design inspiration in our daily surroundings.

Favorite quote and why?

Hmmm, Month Python quotes come to mind, but probably Louis Sullivan’s statement in the book Kindergarten Chats: “Every problem contains and suggests its own solution”.

Best trip/vacation? Whichever one I’m on, road trips are great, but nine months living in Italy as a graduate student changed my life.

What I’m reading now/Favorite book?

Favorite(s): Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities has always influenced how I think of place making. Followed closely by Aldo Rossi’s Architecture of the City for similar reasons.

Something that nobody at work knows about you?

Prior to cycling I was quite involved with the St. Louis Region Sports Car Club of America autocross program. I was chair of the local autocross program for one year. For many years I was chairman and an instructor of our performance driving school for novice autocrossers. I also was chief of course design for several seasons.


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