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Team Tuesday - Carrie

For this Team Tuesday, we are highlighting Carrie Richards! Carrie is an integral part of our interiors team. She assists in all aspects of the design process and is a skilled communicator with our clients. Below is our Team Tuesday interview with Carrie.

Something interesting about yourself/a hobby/a fun fact? I really love to try new coffee places! While nothing will ever be dearer to my heart than Starbucks, anytime I travel anywhere I want to try as many local coffee shops as I can. I am trying to do the same here in STL as well!

What is your favorite aspect of a project? My favorite part of project is developing design concepts and material palettes for a project. It allows me to be creative and have fun while working with the clients to really make their wants and needs come to life. I also love rendering. It is just a great way to communicate designs in a visual way that is easy to understand but also fun to create.

Biggest career accomplishment thus far? Passing the IDFX!! Fingers crossed to pass the NCIDQ fully in October!!!

Why did you choose your career path? Honestly? HGTV. I would watch it every day after school with my mom and it really peaked my interest and the interest never went away. When it came time to chose a major for college the big question was “what interests you? Are any of those things something that you might want to pursue?” Interior design was basically the one and only choice. And here we are.

What designer do you draw inspiration from? Zaha Hadid. She is just a profound and strong woman architect. She has paved the way for women in this industry and her designs are grand and elegant.

Best trip/vacation? Greece 2015. Me being an art person who studied art history all through high school (and into college), I was so excited to go see the art and architecture that I had spent years studying. The food, the history, the coffee, the culture was a new and refreshing experience that I could never forget.

What I’m reading now/Favorite book? The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue (A MUST read!!)

Something that nobody at work knows about you? I used to be really into the Aerial Arts. Like what you see in the circus! I would do the trapeze and the silks and even tried out a hoop class once!