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Benavides STEAM Academy

First Kindergarten Center

The Benavides Kindergarten center is the first full-day kindergarten center for the East Aurora School District. The building addition and renovation strengthens the District's goals to provide early childhood education to impact the lives of hundreds of children. Benavides' 20 dedicated classrooms serve 500 kindergarten students. The facility is designed specifically for the kindergarten age group and has several flex spaces that allow for collaborative large-group exercises. The Center provides a structured learning environment of formal schooling that helps students develop the concepts and skills necessary for long-term academic success. State-of-the-art technology is provided throughout the facility and is available to all students.

The Early Childhood Center is organized into "neighborhoods": groups of classrooms organized into three separate clusters, each with its own common area that shares teaching space with multi-tiered instruction capability that gives teachers maximum flexibility and choice on how to best convey material to the children. High-tech and proven-tech were merged in classrooms throughout the building. Wayfinding graphics are used on walls and floors throughout, to help orient children to their specific classrooms.


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