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Walking to the Bus

"There's no more important goal than achieving


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Issues in Education is recognized as the national thought leadership platform that provides a meaningful voice to leaders who are bringing innovative ideas to transform education. The program provides authentic and engaging conversations with leaders across the country on a wide range of topics. Access to these interviews is available in our Video Library. Everyone is encouraged to contact any of our speakers when a further conversation is beneficial.

Founded by Dennis Young, Emeritus Principal of Cordogan Clark, IIE has grown to be the premier platform where leaders exchange their views and ideas. The members of our interview team create outstanding conversations with our Thought Leaders as a result of their diverse backgrounds.  Our team rotates throughout the year to continuously introduce new interviewers.

We believe it’s time to display empathy and have in-depth conversations about the issues that impact learning for all students in order to achieve equity in education. Our schools must create environments that allow our students to thrive as learners, citizens and acquire the skills necessary to compete in today’s world economy. This we can achieve if we share our ideas and expertise.


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