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College Students

Campus Planning

A Tailored Process of Decision Making

Master planning is essential to the design process. It is a living document that creates guidelines for growth. A plan highlights the importance of outdoor space as well as buildings themselves. An efficient Master Plan consists of Mini-Plans that organizes your campus, circulation, utilities, technology, financial resources, etc. By having these plans in place, there is a realistic understanding of what can be accomplished and good surprises arise as possibilities that may not have been seen originally. Below is an early concept being updated periodically.

The design of the dome is a brand that is identified with the University.

Athletic Facility that serves both students and athletes.

The preliminary plan considered converting the creek into a campus water feature.

An outer vehicular circulation system increases accessibility and safety.

Athletic fields are an important part of the university experience and design.

Convenient parking is always at a premium. The use of parking garages maximizes the use of space.

Spartan Village provides a unique living environment, providing quality housing.

Expanding the building to provide additional classrooms.

Included in this Master Plan is a new football and track stadium within easy walking distance.

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