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Ittner Presenting at EDspaces 2019

Tomorrow the EdSpaces 2019 Conference kicks off in Milwaukee.

Ittner President and CEO Dennis Young is among the presenters at EDspaces this year. He is presenting with Craig Welter of Cordogan Clark.

Dennis Young and Craig Welter will be presenting on Thursday morning, Oct. 24, from 8-9 a.m. Their presentation focuses on creating engaging spaces for K-12 students by exposing them to a professional workforce model that allows for self-directed, informal, experiential learning strategies that enhance the traditional learning model. Thus, demanding a learning environment for students which requires understanding of all activities and resources. Engagement must be stressed in our “on the go” society, so a balance between technology based learning and hands-on workshop like activities is crucial. Facilities should empower students with the synthesizing, analyzing, evaluating, and inter-personal skills needed in today’s world. Their presentation has four objectives:

- Create spaces that both engage students and prepare them for the workforce.

- Engage businesses to collaborate with schools in facility planning and student interaction.

- Identify key areas to focus on when creating 'unprogrammed' spaces.

- Learn how to balance fiscal responsibility and innovation.

The highlight of the conference is a keynote speech by one of the true visionaries in education, Tony Wagner, who will be interviewed by Dennis Young and Dr. Robert Dillon as part of Issues in Education’s spotlight on Thought Leaders in education. Wagner’s talk is based on his most recent books, Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World, and Most Likely to Succeed.


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