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Unveiling of New Hall at Columbia College

Columbia College held dedication ceremony to celebrate the opening of New Hall.

Dr. Scott Dalrymple, president of Columbia College, lead the dedication ceremony of the New Hall building, Wednesday September 25th.

New Hall, designed by Ittner Architects, is a four-story, 60,000 square-foot building on the north end of Columbia College’s Campus.

The top three floors are residential, with 150 beds. This is the first residential hall built at Columbia College since 1969.

The first floor is dedicated to the business school. The goal was to create interactive, technology spaces, that allow the students to prosper in their career paths. The large commons area is divided by a technologically advanced glass, allowing privacy for meetings with the flip of a switch, turning the glass opaque. Ticker tape lines the walls, keeping students up to date on current events and news-stories. This newly designed building also adds a second point of entry to the school, allowing for easier access and parking.

The new multi-functional space encourages businesses to meet with students to further their hands-on learning in their fields.

We are grateful to have been able to work on such a high functioning, 21st century building, and are extremely pleased with the outcome.



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