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Rebuild of Wolf Branch Middle School begins

Construction has started on the rebuilding of the Wolf Branch Middle School.

The school in Swansea, IL, has been unoccupied since September 2017 when more than half the building was severely damaged by coal mine subsidence.

It was shortly after the event that Ittner was selected to assist the Wolf Branch School District. Ittner collaborated with the Abandoned Mines Reclamation Division of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, the Illinois Capital Development Board, the Illinois State Board of Education, the St. Clair Regional Office of Education, and the Swansea fire Department. Working together, we were able to stabilize the damaged building, demolish damaged portions of the building, and design the replacement components needed to safely reopen the school.

As a result of the governmental agencies coming together, and special legislation that was passed by Illinois lawmakers, funding to rebuild the school was secured so that local taxpayers wouldn’t be burdened.

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Unknown member
Oct 16, 2020

The new all at Columbia College is beautiful.

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