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Future-Ready Schools: Old Bonhomme Elementary School

Renovations and additions to Old Bonhomme Elementary School moving forward

With Ladue voters' passage of Proposition L, a $126 million bond referendum, on April 6th, the renovations and additions to Old Bonhomme Elementary School will move forward. We are collaborating with Perkins and Will, the design firm, and the city of Olivette on this project to create future-ready spaces for the students, teachers and families of the Ladue School District.

The renovation and addition to Old Bonhomme Elementary School will streamline circulation throughout the building, provide more space for growth and collaboration through grade-level learning pods, and improve the safety, security and technology systems of the school. The new addition of a new Gym provides a gathering space for the community as well as a FEMA-rated storm shelter for extreme weather events. A new academic wing creates additional classrooms to accommodate growing enrollment, and for the current student population to support a new

way of teaching and learning.

These new classrooms are larger and are open to collaborative spaces, which will accommodate current learning styles and small group work. The renovations to Old Bonhomme include new wet laboratories and collaboration spaces in the existing classroom spaces, as well as providing new finishes to the school that are easily cleanable and ready for the future!


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