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Team Tuesday - Damir

Welcome to another Team Tuesday! This week's employee spotlight is on Damir Zubovic. Damir is an architect in our St. Louis office. He has a strong focus on the implementation and development of BIM Technology (Autodesk Revit implementation and development, 3D scanning, etc.) Read below to learn more about Damir!

Something interesting about yourself/a hobby? I’ve been following “Formula 1” racing for 50 years now.

What is your favorite aspect of a project? Seeing a project materialize is my favorite part of a project.

Biggest career accomplishment thus far? Starting a “new life” from scratch and becoming a licensed architect in a foreign country.

Why did you choose your career path? I blame “Lego”.

What designer do you draw inspiration from? Mies van der Rohe basic principles, but there are many others that I admire.

Favorite quote? “To create, one must question everything” – Eileen Gray

Best trip/vacation? In 1985 my wife and I took a trip through Europe by train, visiting Italy, Monaco, France, Holland, Switzerland.

What I’m reading now/Favorite book? I just finished “A Promised Land” by Barack Obama

Something that nobody at work knows about you? I asked my wife to marry me on our first date. For the rest, I Plead The Fifth.


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