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The SMART Center

The Ittner-designed SMART Center at Greenville University was constructed when Greenville University received a grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA). The project consisted of renovation to a historic three-story building located in downtown Greenville, IL.

The SMART Center is a multi-use, historic facility born out of the Greenville SMART Initiatives. The building has been repurposed for community good, for growth, and for entrepreneurship.

Greenville SMART unifies the resources and connections of Greenville University with the entrepreneurial spirit of local businesses to create a symbiotic university-community relationship that fosters economic growth.

The first level is a retail and commerce center that provides space for social and informal collaborative gatherings. It houses a coffee shop and a pitch area for

entrepreneurs to present their ideas. The second level offers workspaces for business incubators and start-ups. It includes shared resources such as a conference space and workshop space. A conference space and auditorium reside on level three for events, guest speakers and other community engagements.


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