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Truman State University

Maintaining Your Investment

Since 2010, Ittner has been tasked with the on-going challenge of maintaining the University’s aging buildings. Thirteen buildings have been restored; many involving correcting repairs that had caused additional damage. Returning the exterior appearance of these historic buildings was important to the University. For example, the dome roof of the University’s iconic Kirk Memorial had severe moisture damage from a design error that sealed the plenum when it was built, trapping heat and moisture in the plaster ceiling and wood structure creating rot and mold issues.  The repairs included insulating the plaster ceilings and ventilating the attic space by introducing brick vents at the perimeter and then rebuilding a new cupola to exhaust the top of the dome.

Many of the projects undertaken dealt with improving indoor air quality.  Stopping water leaks in windows, skylights, doors, through walls and removing mold damaged finishes was typical for many of the buildings.  Large fans were introduced in the skylight areas of Pickler Library, dramatically improving the comfort in that building.  A long-term sound problem in the Instruments and Choral Rooms of the Ophelia Parrish Fine Arts Center was successfully corrected through the introduction of acoustical panels that were carefully integrated into the existing building.

The goal of virtually every project was to improve the  building envelope, often adding insulation to a an exterior wall that had none, replacing doors and windows, and stopping air infiltration leaks, all with minimal change to the charm of the building.  


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